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We are the destination agency for branding in Oklahoma City. We are committed to branding in a way that yields truth and clarity through design. We work with you to set goals that guide the process so there are no surprises by the time we get to the big reveal. Here are some of our brands that we think best showcase our ability to meet your needs:

Agency Overview and Qualifications 

Our business is less about technical ability and more about the willingness to listen, the patience to get to know an audience, the discernment to ask the right questions, the discipline to iterate and the ability to chisel it all into something so authentic that you can’t remember a time before it existed. Simple, right?

Since opening in 2004, we’ve built incredible relationships with some of the best talent, agencies, clients and partners in any market. Together, we’ve told a lot of stories, solved a lot of problems, educated a lot of people and done some remarkable work. In just the last year, Ghost has actively worked in telecommunications, nonprofits, energy, arts, finance, law, education, health care and government. We’ve received more than 200 awards from the American Advertising Federation for excellence in design, and our work is regularly featured in national design blogs and publications including Communication Arts, Print, HOW, designworklife, BP&O, Branding Served, and Rockport’s Letterhead + Logo Design. In 2017, Ghost was recognized as the national top small firm for “Best Work” by HOW Magazine and in Print’s regional design annual. 











And when you need something else, we have friends!

Great work starts with great people.


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Brian Barnes

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Jennifer Combs

Chief Financial Officer
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Matthew Pickett

Chief Creative Officer
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Bethany Scott

Senior Account Director
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Shanda Biggs

Lead Developer
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Ryan Kirkpatrick

Art Director
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Fletch Zaragoza

Art Director
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Nick Robinson

Front-End Developer

We don’t respect process for its own sake.
We’re focused, disciplined and hands-on.
We don’t make decisions by committee.
We don’t get swept up in egos — yours or ours.
We won’t waste our time or your money


Here's how we consistently get to truth & clarity:

1. Get on the same page.

Great design has to be informed. We'll get to know your team, get a grip on what's important and what's at stake. This usually starts with a kickoff meeting, an online survey and some informal research of what else is out there competing for your audience's attention. We believe that strong research is what separates good design from great design.

4. Launch & learn.

Whether the work is published, broadcast, launched, printed or hung on a building, we'll help you get it out into the world. We'll stay involved after launch to watch it work, make adjustments and offer support. Where there are next steps in design, we'll guide, advise and get to work.

2.  Build strategy.

Information has to lead us somewhere. We'll form a recommendation on where to take your brand, how to approach its look and message, and how to reach your audience, whether it's in the form of a media plan, a marketing strategy, brand exploration booklet or presentation. We'll typically present a "first look" where we reveal and discuss insights gathered from your survey, establish brand strategy, and explore visual inspiration.

3. Design.

Design has a flow to it. We start with brainstorming ideas, words, images or concepts. We make outlines, sketches, storyboards or wireframes to make sure our idea works and grows in the right direction. We'll review color, typography, content and key messaging, best practices and practical applications to make sure what we build makes sense and hits your goals.

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