Project Terms & Conditions

Revisions to the deliverable(s) estimated are included, but within reason. Ghost will provide the original deliverable(s), then work with you to complete any requested design revisions in organized “rounds” (batches of approved changes to be completed all at once). We will include versions two and three (two total rounds of revisions) in this cost estimate. Excessive revisions beginning with version four will be billed on a $160/hour basis as needed. If you provide draft content or design elements that later have to be changed out or replaced, these edits are exempt from our included revisions and will be billed hourly as needed. 

Ghost will bill 50 percent of the design/production costs of the deliverables quoted upon your approval of this estimate; Ghost will proceed with a client kickoff or discovery, but this bill must be paid before design or content creation begins. We’ll bill the remaining 50 percent of design/production costs upon completion of the work or upon depletion of the included revisions. If, after 30 days of providing you with a deliverable, you have not provided us with approval of the deliverable or revisions to be made to the deliverable, Ghost will bill the remaining costs for the project. 

Out-of-pocket expenses will be billed as incurred. These hard costs may include stock photography, music or video licensing; fonts; plugins or modules; hair and makeup for shoots; travel, lodging and meals outside of the OKC metro area; and more. Some out-of-pocket expenses related to licenses may be ongoing fees throughout the life of the work. Exact out-of-pocket expenses cannot always be estimated or approved in advance. 

Ghost may share published works we have created for you for our own self-promotion on social media, newsletter or website, in future business development proposals or pitches or case studies, for awards consideration. We will not disclose proprietary or confidential information we’ve exchanged with you, of course. If you’d like us to withhold any specific information, or the work in part or in full, please let us know at this time. Should you decide after we’ve published something, simply request that we remove it and we’ll be glad to. No problem. 

If the scope of work defined in this document changes or evolves after we’ve had subsequent conversations, you should anticipate that the cost and time related to completing that scope of work should change as well. You agree that verbal or written (email) scope changes or requests are subject to additional billing and time. If you need a formal cost quote for additional scope prior to work continuing, you must request this, otherwise you are obligated to pay the amount billed for the scope change. 

We’ll always check our work with our team members and you’ll always have an opportunity to approve our work before it’s sent to print or publication, but we can’t validate the accuracy of facts, figures, name spellings or other information you provide to us about your company, its performance, its team members or other contents. Please be sure to verify the accuracy of all information you provide to us. Errors of this sort may result in delays, excessive revisions, additional trafficking or reprints, and you may be responsible for related costs or delays. 

When we handle media placement, printer or other vendor management, we’ll add a percentage to the vendor estimates to accommodate our time. This passthrough charge amounts to 20 percent for printer management and 15 percent for media placement; these are industry standards. In certain circumstances (typically on very limited quantity orders or buys), we may charge an hourly rate for our time instead of this passthrough charge. We won’t do both. 

This estimate remains valid for 90 days following its issuance. Initiating this work after that period of time may require a new estimate to reflect any changes in rates, availability or scope. 

We are happy to accept credit card payments, but we’ll add a small percentage (typically four percent or less) to the total billed to cover the transaction fees we incur. 

Ghost invoices on a net 15 schedule. If this term needs to be adjusted for your company’s policy or preference, please indicate that to us prior to beginning work.