We're always here,
in the background,
making things happen.
Here's what we do really well:
  • PHOTOGRAPHY & video
  • ENVIRONMENTAL & wayfinding
  • motion & animation
  • websites & UI / UX
And when you need something else:
We have friends.
A headshot of a team member

Brian Barnes

Brian graduated from the University of Central Oklahoma with a BBA in promotions management. Brian joined MidFirst Bank’s marketing department and managed creative services for its western Oklahoma offices. Later, he served as creative director for a la mode, inc., the nation’s largest real estate software developer. He founded Ghost in 2004.
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Erick Worrell

Vice President, Client Service & Creative Strategy
Erick is one of The Journal Record’s 2019 Achievers Under 40 and the 2016 Young Advertising Professional of the Year. He earned BAs in advertising and public relations from Oklahoma City University, has served in leadership at Saxum, Staplegun and New West Group, and is a graduate of Leadership Oklahoma Class 32 and Leadership Oklahoma City’s LOYAL Class 12.
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Jennifer Combs

Chief Financial Officer
Jennifer has been with Ghost since 2013, when she reconnected with Brian after working together at a la mode, inc. She has 23 years of account and operating experience, and she keeps us on time, on budget and efficient.
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Matthew Pickett

Creative Director
Matthew is the leader and driver of Ghost’s creative team and reputation. He received his BFA in graphic design and art history from Oklahoma State University, and joined Ghost as a graphic designer in 2004.
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Dustin Hamby

Dustin has been with Ghost since 2009. Dustin is your best friend and your organizational guru, always taking copious notes and learning everything he can about your company. He makes sure you look good, your boss is happy, our work is stellar and our deadlines are met.
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Robbie Knight

Art DirectoR
A graduate of the University of Central Oklahoma, Robbie joined Ghost in 2017 and has already proven himself an invaluable part of the team. His skills in composition and typography are among the very best in the region.
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JD Reeves

Art Director
JD brings his thoughtful and conceptual approach to every brand he works on. When most people would call it done, JD keeps pushing. JD has an MFA in Visual Communication from the University of Oklahoma.
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Nate Ward

Brand Strategist
Nate is incredibly ambitious and passionate about design and brand strategy, and he's constantly pulling the team in a more thoughtful and thorough direction. Nate was a national merit scholar and graduated from the University of Oklahoma with special distinction.
A headshot of our intern

Quinlan Parrish

Quinlan is a senior in the marketing program at the University of Oklahoma. She’s a great writer, a thoughtful account service assistant and a stellar human. She’s a big fan of high-speed police chases and low-speed Frank Ocean music. Maybe, if you’re lucky, you’ll get to work with her.